Types of dog food for a well balanced diet

Not sure what type of dog food or brand to feed your dog? Dogs can be particular about what they want to eat. Luckily, at BYOP, we have a variety of dog food brands for the pickiest of good boys!

Dry food

Let's start off with kibble. Kibble is one of the most popular types of food that many dog owners feed their dogs since it's affordable, has a long shelf life, and provides some health benefits. We carry affordable and sustainable brands of pet food in our BYOP pet store. The kibble from Open Farm is one of our most popular choices. There are a number of different recipes to choose from, including salmon, turkey, and lamb! A seasonally popular recipe is our wild-caught whitefish, which contains a high amount of protein and is perfect for picky furries as well! Your furry pal will surely enjoy this grain-free, fish-protein-rich food! It is available for purchase from our store.

Dry Dog Kibble

Wet food

Soft foods are completely different from kibble because they contain more moisture which can make it easier for senior dogs or pets with dental issues because they can chew less than they would need to when eating kibble. Cans of wet foods have a long shelf life, so they can't go bad. Ziwi Peak is a popular brand of wet food from New Zealand available at BYOP. It's suitable for all types of dogs and life stages. There are between 1-2 protein sources in each recipe of Ziwi Peak wet dog food. They include lamb, venison, beef, and chicken. Ideal for dogs with specific dietary needs and sensitivities. You can find all types of recipes for Ziwi Peak wet food from their site. Simply, click here.

Ziwi Wet Food


Meal toppers are perfect for picky eaters or if you want to give your dog extra nutrition. There are various types of toppers you can use, such as broth or dinner dust. They can enhance the taste and nutritional content of your dog’s food. Most commonly, they are added to kibble or put on raw foods. Not sure which brand to give your dog? Your local BYOP pet store carries a reputable brand’s includingStella & Chewy’s, Open Farm and [Canagan].

To start, we have chicken and beef broth toppers sold at our cheapest price. Toppers made with only 4 simple ingredients are packed with nutrition and vitamins that enhance the taste and nutrition of your dog's food. In addition to being a topper for your dog's food, it can also be used as a treat for your furry friend. Also, the Magical dinner dust meal topper in either beef or chicken is great if your dog prefers a dry topper for their meal. Grain-free and gluten-free, made with high-quality ingredients. On our website or in-store, Stella & Chewy's toppers are available for purchase in our store.

Stella & Chewy's Dog Food Topper

Choosing the right type of food and brand for your dog is important for a happier and healthier life for you and your dog! No matter what your dog's diet, preference, or picky choices - whether it be kibble, wet food or toppers -  BYOP pet store has you covered.