Top Chew Treats for your Dog

Top Chew Treats for your Dog

Looking for the best chew treats for your dog so that they don't chew your slippers? At BYOP we have a number of safe and healthy chews for your fur buddy! 

For teething puppies

When your puppy is teething, you should understand how important it is to give them something to chew on. Natural chews are safe and nutritious, and definitely a better alternative to letting your puppy chew on your shoes or on you! Puppy teeth are more delicate, so a softer chew is preferred. At BYOP, we have a variety of chews that are perfect for every dog. 

Petstages Dogwood Chew Stick

The Petstages Dogwood chew stick is made from a blend of natural wood fiber and synthetic materials to mimic real wood to satisfy your dog’s natural chewing urges. 

  • Safe from splintering: Another pro is that since the dogwood chew stick isn't real wood, it is a way safer alternative for your dog as to avoid splintering. 
  • Range of use: the dogwood chew stick can be used both indoors and outdoors, it can even float in the water!

It is available in four different sizes to suit all dogs! Dogwood

OMJ Bully Sticks

You might wonder if bully sticks are safe for puppies, the answer is yes and no! Just like adult dogs, puppies will benefit from the nutrition and stimulation from the bully sticks depending on how old they are. However, some bully sticks can be too hard for those new puppy teeth. 

So, what bully sticks are suitable? 

  • Smaller bully sticks are the perfect fit for your puppy to encourage their baby teeth to vacate without putting too much risk on their canines cracking. 

At BYOP, we have the OMJ bully stick and bundle that comes in four sizes; the XS or S bully stick bundle are suitable for puppies. OMJ is a local Hong Kong brand and are 100% homemade and natural so you don’t have to worry about preservatives or unsafe ingredients. It is available in-store only.

OMJ Dog Chews

Freschi Chew Treats

At BYOP, you’ll find numerous turkey tendon chew treats by Freschi! The turkey tendon treats are 100% natural, hypoallergenic, easy to digest and most importantly, fun to chew on! There are different sizes, densities, and shapes that you can pick from according to the size of your dog. All of these chew treats are long-lasting and won't break apart easily! Freschi Turkey Tendons

    Adult Dogs

    If you’re just looking for a chew to keep your dog busy, most chews will work perfectly fine. Your choice of dog’s chews can have a variety of benefits for your dog’s health.

    Venison Shanks

    Long-lasting chew's with a rich marrow reward inside and are irresistible! They also promotes regular chewing habits to help prevent plaque and tartar build-up. Venison Shanks

    Churpi Himalayan Cheese

    Originating from the Himalayan mountains, this chew is a long-lasting durable chew made of "Yak and local zebu cattle" skimmed milk, lime juice and salt 0.1%. It is healthy, natural and very appetizing. Your dog will have to gnaw and soften them in his mouth and be entertained for hours! Churpi Himalayan Cheese

    Ziwi Lamb Ear

    Inspired by the dog's natural diet, these tasty single protein chews are ethically sourced from free-range, grass-fed lamb then slowly and gently air-dried, locking in Mother Nature's goodness. Generously coated with lamb liver for an additional flavor boost, these chews are a naturally delicious tail-wagging experience. Ziwi Lamb Ear

    Kangaroo RIb Rack

    If your dog is a big dog, loves to chew, and is a gnarly eater, the WAG Kangaroo Rib Rack is a great option for your pawtner. It is cage free, all natural and long lasting. Kangaroo Rib Rack

    Greenies Dental Chews

    Greenies are minty and made from wheat products so may not be the right choice for dogs on a grain-free diet. They are made to improve your dog’s dental health by cleaning the gum line. It is available in several different sizes according to the weight of the dog so make sure to pick the right size. 

    In 2006, ABC News reported that a dog owner found a Greenies dog treat lodged in her dog’s intestine resulting in surgery. It also reported that, according to a veterinarian, Greenies were the No. 3 cause of blockages in the esophagus behind bones and fish hooks. 

    Despite these comments and controversies, most veterinarians do recommend greenies. To avoid the Greenies or other treats getting lodged in your pet’s gastrointestinal tract, remember to pick the right size and always be sure to ask your veterinarian for advice. Greenies

    Chew Toys

    At BYOP, there are a variety of chew toys that are fun, interactive and beneficial for your dog’s health.

    The Wild One Bolt Bite

    This toy has a reinforced center, two elbows for engaging paw-play, and open ends to hide treats! Whether you have a strong-jawed dog or a teething puppy, the Bolt Bite is made for all shapes, sizes and ages. Made with 100% natural rubber that’s BPA-free and tested to meet food-safe standards. And it’s easy to clean -  dishwasher safe!

    Orka Chew Toys

    The Orka Chew Pair is a mini dog chew set, perfect for puppies or small biters that need a small toy to match! The bright-coloured Mini chew bone and the dumbbell are perfect for a game of fetch or solo play. Most importantly, as these chew toys are designed with flexible rubber and multiple textures, it helps with massaging gums and removing tartar and plaque as they play with them. Don’t forget to upgrade to the larger options such as the Orka bone and Orka Tire when your pup grows larger!

    Orka Tire

    For medium to large breeds, the Orka Tire is a better choice than the Orka chew pair. This Orka Tire chew toy can be stuffed with your dog’s favourite treat or kibble inside, it also bounces and floats so it can be used in the pool!

    Chews to avoid


    You have probably movies with dogs playing fetch with sticks. However, these sticks can be sharp and splintery and can injure your dog! The pieces may become lodged in the gums or gastrointestinal tract creating potentially life-threatening punctures or blockages!

    Bully sticks

    Bully sticks contains a large amount of calories per inch, and can be so tough that it can fracture your puppy’s teeth! Even worse, it can also be loaded with bacteria that can harm you and your dog. Therefore, make sure to give it a wipe when your dog’s not chewing it and be aware of the risks of bully sticks for puppies! 

    Tennis balls 

    Dogs love tennis balls and it’s tough to refrain from a game of fetch with your pawtner. However, the constant tennis ball chewing can wear down the enamel on your dog’s teeth since the ball’s felt is an abrasive substance. 


    Picking out the right type of chew treats for your dog is super crucial for a healthy and happy life for you and your pawtner! BYOP’s got your back, have a pawsome shopping experience!